Cortland Turns to Benson to Launch Industry-Leading Move-In Gift Program

ATLANTA, GA (October 19, 2018)- Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions, the multifamily industry’s first and largest Centralized Marketing Platform (CMP), announced that it has partnered with Cortland to launch a cutting-edge, resident move-in gift program.    

Effective September 2018, Cortland said “goodbye” to the old way of resident move-in gifts and “hello” to automation and personalization! 

Cortland turned to Benson to revamp their existing program in the late summer.  Due to an effective and intimate working partnership, including early inclusion in the development process as well as the regular meetings regarding the company’s strategy, Benson was able to quickly streamline, automate, and personalize move-in gifts like never before.  “Very few clients can execute a program this complicated so quickly,” said Brian Benson, CEO of Benson. “Because of our close partnership, we already know their brand requirements, workflow, and logistics.  It’s like starting on the 50-yard line.”

The objective of the program is to welcome residents to their new home with a thoughtful gift that shows them Cortland cares.  The move-in gift program aims to provide quality products that represent the Cortland brand promise, with personalized items that are as unique as their homes, packaged and presented to generate excitement and leave a lasting first impression.


Data flows directly from Cortland to Benson and the rest is auto-magic! Gifts are customized with resident’s names and shipped to each Cortland community when Benson receives an automatic, daily report detailing new residents’ names and move-in dates.

Each move-in gift has been carefully selected and Cortland-approved. Items are automatically picked from on-hand inventory based on lease type and season, including single or two+ resident leases, as well as family gifts for summer or winter months. Gifts include high-end bags, ultra-soft beach towels, plush blankets, quality drinkware, and more – all personalized with the resident or family name. Further, Cortland-branded welcome materials are included and packaged beautifully, down to the signature blue ribbon.  Each gift arrives pre-wrapped approximately one week after the resident move-in date.

Cortland residents have been delighted with their personalized gifts – and this is a great way to kick off the start of their unique living experience. Not only are these gifts personalized and arrive ready for immediate use, they are easier for on-site teams to manage. This means their teams no longer need to manage inventory, place orders online, or worry about wrapping or packaging a gift with the appropriate collateral material. The new program is a one-stop shop that only requires delivery to the resident.  This allows each Cortland community more time to focus on delivering a superior living experience. 

“At Cortland, we are always looking for ways to improve our residents’ experience,” said Carmen Garrison, Vice President of Marketing at Cortland. “We’re thrilled to partner with Benson on a personalized gift program for new residents that is just as thoughtful, well-designed, and resident-centric as our apartment communities.”

Steven DeFrancis, CEO of Cortland, said, “Cortland’s residents have never been a means to an end; our residents are the end. People matter, so the apartment community and the experience you create for them matters. We are determined to set the resident experience standard in multifamily living.”

“This solution is the perfect blend of Cortland’s ability to create unforgettable resident experiences and Benson’s cutting-edge operations platform.  Real-time data integration allows us to offer a solution that is uniquely personal and uniquely Cortland,” said Brian Benson, CEO of Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions. “This is an unbelievable first impression for residents and, to my knowledge, an industry first as well.” 

Atlanta-based multifamily real estate company Cortland is a product-to-people, multifamily real estate investment, development, and management company, dedicated to resident-centric, hospitality-driven living experiences. All aspects of Cortland’s business are in-house, including construction, design, and property management. Cortland owns and manages 140 apartment communities with more than 50,000 homes in the US with regional offices in Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and Orlando. In 2015, the company opened a global materials sourcing office in Shanghai, and in 2017, it expanded its development platform into the UK. Cortland is a National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Top 50 Owner and Manager and is ranked 7th among Atlanta’s “Top 25 Largest Workplaces” (2017). For more information, please visit

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