Using Pinterest to Promote Your Multifamily Community - Our Top 5 Tips

Pinterest is growing…and growing fast. In 2016, Pinterest recorded more than 150 million, monthly active users. Hard to believe if you still consider this social media powerhouse to be all about new recipes and the latest fashions. Pinterest has become the #2 driver of traffic to websites and they aren’t slowing down.

There’s no question that social media directly influences how people learn about, view and then make purchases online. By 2018, social media users are expected to grow to around 2.5 billion people. With the increase in overall users, and the rocket-like rise of Pinterest within this coveted category, it’s even more important for multifamily marketers to have a presence on Pinterest.

But how do you get started with promoting your community on Pinterest? Following are tips that will help you create “Pinteresting” content that will generate leads, increase foot traffic in your community and promote active engagement that creates stronger resident relationships, or luster.

1. Know Your Audience

Within the landscape of social media (there’s just so much out there!), knowing what your audience wants is critical to generating response. The beauty of Pinterest is it is a perfect place to discover trends and actively understand where and what your audience may be talking about. Once you know, you can pin/message according to their preferences.

Do you know and understand who your “ideal lead” might be? If not, take the time to consider who that might be and then find out how they’re searching. Post property photos and use specific keywords in your pins that match their interests.

One of the main benefits of Pinterest is their Guided Search. With the Guided Search option, Pinterest takes each users’ interests into account and in turn, display boards on their feed that match the “likes” already in that category. Pinning a photo of your recent loft apartment vacancy will show up in the feeds for people already interested in that option, driving them directly to your website for more information.

2. Remember the Importance of Visuals

Because of its specific focus on the visual, Pinterest is the perfect medium for multifamily marketers to share and promote their communities.

As you’re taking photos of your newest listing for your website, be sure to pin each photo as well – Pinterest creates the most direct path to purchase from a social network (according to Josh Davis of Once your potential resident sees your listing, it only takes a couple of clicks to arrive to the website to (hopefully) schedule a tour.

Is there a special feature or amenity that your community offers, that’s different than your competition? Create a special board with pins using specific messaging that relates directly to this niche market.

3. Share Resources for Your Community

One of the biggest benefits of using social media is its ability to more actively engage residents.

The social media site allows you to share your expertise on apartment search and rental tips, for example. Easily pin infographics or a fascinating statistic about your community or your city. Include content that showcases your expertise – helpful videos to highlight your latest listing or even educate your potential leads on the benefits of apartment living.

The possibilities for sharing are endless. As you develop specialized content, photos and videos to engage current and potential residents, you’ll be able to watch your website traffic increase.

4. Highlight What’s Important 

Create a sense of community by showing how great it is to live in your neighborhood. How are your property managers, leasing associates and even your residents making life better? Social media, and especially Pinterest, can help you spotlight the unique and special events and/or people that reside within your community.

The chili cook-off event that was such a success? Pin a photo of the winning bowl and include the recipe. Has your pool area been renovated, or new amenities placed on your properties? Pin a photo of the before and after pictures! Are there residents who are strong volunteers? Include a photo pin of their latest project, highlighting their impact in the greater community, and providing a direct link to how others can contribute to their cause.

When residents are engaged within their community, they are more likely to stay. Happy, engaged residents mean less vacancies for you!

5. Pins Last Forever…or at Least a LONG Time

One of the topmost benefits of using Pinterest is its shelf-life. Pinterest pins last a long time. A recent study on Pinterest ROI states that “50 percent of visits happen after 3.5 months of first pinning...”

The impact of this long-term benefit cannot be overstated. Pinterest boards can be created for current residents to refer back to, including tips and advice directly related to living in your community. Prospective residents can see the long-term benefits of living in your community by viewing your “event” board or the latest community addition and/or renovations board that showcases your community’s uniqueness.

Using social media, and especially Pinterest in your overall marketing strategy is critical to building a successful multifamily community. Through effective planning and resource utilization, your pins can be the driving force for increased foot traffic and more satisfied residents, as it highlights the effectiveness of your social marketing strategy.

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